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WorldMate – Maps And Location Service

MobileAppsFor / March 3, 2018
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WorldMate app helps in itinerary management and providing mobile travel services. The services are offered worldwide. This app can be downloaded on any Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows device. The app can build your business travel itinerary and put it on the phone. The travel plan would get synchronized automatically in the device. The itinerary includes flight, hotel, car booking, rentals as well as meetings scheduled. With the help of online travel planner and calendar, the synchronization is done.  With the help of this app, all your meetings, business travel plans could be shared with the colleagues and concerned people.

Maps And Directions

Using this app, users can view the entire trip on a map. Using the Maps And Location Service, it becomes easy for the users to automatically geo-locate any particular address in the business travel itinerary. E.g. you want to know the locations of the hotels, airports, meeting place or any other destination, using this app it can be achieved very fast. It becomes easy to plan how one should travel from one point to the other thereby saving time. It is easy to search for local transport, the nearby staying places. In case of any wrong address is entered in the travel itinerary, the app will let the user know about it even before the journey starts.  It is so easy to use. The users just have to click particular items of the itinerary in order to start the Maps And Location Service on the device.

Flight related Information

It is easy to know any information about your flights using the app. Users can check their flight status in more than 350 airlines and get current information about delays in flight, cancellation of flights, and diversion of flights if any. The app would also tell the time of the flight and where to get it. In case your flight is delayed, you can reach the airport late thus avoiding any kind of hassle during your trip. It is easy to save your time by not waiting for delayed flights. Just using a single click, the users would be able to know about alternative options in case a flight is canceled or delayed and grab a seat before anyone else does so.

Hotel Search

Now it is easy to search for hotels using WorldMate Smart Search feature. With this travel expert with you, no need to worry when you are going to a meeting, a business trip or a vacation.  Save your time and money as you will have more than 100,000 hotels available in this app and you can find out the best deal for you. You can look for a staying place that is nearby to the airport or a particular place and finding the specific hotel is not a problem at all. Booking for the hotels can be done immediately.

Weather Forecasts

Get to know about the weather forecast even before you set on board for your business trip. TravelMate would provide five-day weather forecast for the places across the world. The forecasts of the current location as well as travel destination are there. The users can get the forecast by clicking itinerary items or from the travel dashboard.

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