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Words With Friends – Enjoy Word Making Game

MobileAppsFor / March 3, 2018
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One of the leading social mobile games that have become popular over the last few years is an entertaining and challenging word making game-Words With Friends. Players find this game very engaging as they can play up to 20 games at a time and they are able to chat with their friends at the same time. Since 2010, this game has been on the top of the leading games category.  The game was released by Newtoy in the year 2009 by Paul and David Bettner, in Texas. Newtoy was a small studio run by these brothers in McKinney, Texas. In 2010, Newtoy was acquired by Zynga and got the new brand name as Zynga With Friends. Anyone playing this game is guaranteed to have full entertainment and enjoy interacting with so many players at a time.

The Game play

The Players take turns to form words in horizontal and vertical manners. The words are formed on the board and each player tries to score the maximum point for each word. The first word has to be placed in such manner that one of the tiles has to be there on the star present in the center of the board.  Tiles can be placed either in the horizontal or vertical direction in each turn. Tile placement has to be done in such manner that multiple new words could be formed in a simultaneous manner using the letters present in the neighboring positions.

How scoring is done

The players get double the value of any tile that gets players in a DL space during the turn. The tile that gets players on a TL space during the turn earns a triple value. The tiles that got players on DL and TL spaces on previous rounds do not get double value. All the values of all the letter making the words get added up (the letter got played in the previous turn also). Multiple words can be created with the same play. The players would get the score of each new word separately including the bonuses also. All new words get summed up together for the final scores. Whenever a player is able to use all the 7 tiles during a single turn, 35 bonus points are awarded to the player.

Other Features

The game will end when one player plays every tile in the rack and no more tiles could be drawn. The game could end when three successive turn has no scores and the score is not zero-zero for the players. After the last tile is played, the opposing player loses points that are equal to the sum of the value of the remaining tiles. The same amount of point gets awarded to the player who had placed the last tile in the game. In the dictionary of words With Friends, there are more than 173,000 acceptable words.


The game has made its unique position in the world of Entertainment. There are more than 14.9 million users of this game in a month and more than 6.7 million users playing the game daily on their smartphone and on Facebook. The game gets it’s earning through ads, ad-free paid version as well as various in-game purchase options.

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