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MobileAppsFor / December 26, 2017
Skype Free IM

Skype free IM (instant messenger) and video calls are the super best n first choice for the smart mobile user. Skype is one of the oldest and most popular mobile apps for all smartphone user even the Desktop PC or Laptop user also. In every year, The Skype updated with the tons of free features for use. Users are reduced their mobile money cost by using Skype free audio and video calls.

I use Skype from 2012 to till. I have one PC, one Laptop, and a single Android Phone. Almost every device, I install Skype firstly after setup OS.

Why is Skype super application for all?

Instantly outgoing and incoming messaging facilities from PC Skype software to Mobile Skype application. Send text messages and multimedia messages like the sticker, photos, videos or offline/online audio messages.

Skype user can extremely supercharge their every chat excellently with Add-Ins. Share multimedia or content you need simply by Skype.

Best for workplace or office for making a group chat circle. Simply add and connect your colleague, friends, the family member of the group for secret chatting. Always connected your favorite persons and friends.

Maybe you have heared a name like Imo Free Video Calls and chat messenger application. This application is for free voice call and free video calling.

In the paid Skype there are some unbelievable features. Call mobile or Desktop Skype application to the mobile number, Landphone number. You can call all over the world at a cheap rate. So, save your money with Skype. But in the free Skype, this features is not available.

Don’t miss a new message, Skype will notify you immediately of every new message. But you can stop the notifications also. As you choose, Skype will serve you as a helpful friend.

Share your memorable events with your friends or Skype chat group members. As like other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, VK etc; you can also react to others photos and status by a lot of good stickers and instant emoji.

Skype Free Call app review

Skype application to Skype application Audio, Video calls are totally free of charge even cross platforms like Desktop Skype to Mobile Skype communication. But your mobile internet service provider (isp) charge your data plan or money from your SIM balance maybe. Most of the countries a lot of mobile operators are now announced that “Skype data charge is free”. So Skype use is free for the users.

The Skype is an app who was started their career for the 1st generation from the 3rd generation till. And, gradually the Skype authority (Microsoft Corporation) updated the Skype with incredible features.

What are the new features in the upgrade Skype?

Need deleting the old chats? in the new generation Skype another wonderful feature will available soo. Skype user can delete their chats from the chat history.

Microsoft is frequently taking a lot of user’s comments and messages to improve the user experience of Skype software and mobile application. There are some new features on the updated Skype. The last update on the 11 December 2017. Here listed:

  1. Sending any Images or videos/audios by only clicking on the Add (+) buttons
  2. Also, there is a mark all option to send all the files from the folder of a gallery.
  3. Skype now gives you more performance for making calls and the reliability improvements were also done for you.

Open an account on Skype

It is very easy to open or create an account on Skype. But you have must need a Microsoft account. Without a Microsoft/Hotmail account, you can’t sign up the Skype apps server. Open Skype and log in with your existing Microsoft/Hotmail user and password. You can also log-in the Skypes website from your browser.
Remember: From my personal experience of 6 years with Skype, I should suggest you about a logging problem. Be careful on the first time login on Skype. You need input a correct username and password for the first time login. If you give incorrect information on the first time login, you probably lost this time on Skype. You need to remove the Skype app from your mobile or PC. And reinstall the Skype once again for quick login.


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