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Review of Evernote APK For Android, iPhone & Windows Phone

MobileAppsFor / January 13, 2018

Evernote is a smartphone app for making easy your daily events. Such as you need to go to a family event day after few days. But you think that you can forget it at any time. So you need to record the event date instantly with the details. Now Evernote can help you to record the new notes. And, the Evernote will inform you before about your event before 24hours. A user can set the alarming time before 48hours or 10hours too! as the needs of the Evernote user.

As a result, Evernote is now a best trading application for all platforms. It is now available for Android, Windows, iPhone and MAC book also. All the busy users are like to install Evernote on their smartphone. Because the smartphone is the best and flexible way always keep up with a user.

install Evernote

Write a note in a To-Do-List very firstly with the most wonderful features. A tool to easily manage your meetings and events. It may be usable at Blackberry also!

Write a note with every type of content. Add various files to your new note. Linking or adding images, docs, PDF, website links in very easily with Evernote. Highly customize every note with a lot of attaching elements. Save the notes in various formats such as Doc or PDF. So it is openable at Microsoft word and the PDF reader both!

Are kids using your phone for several times? so worried about file delete or memory formation problems? Anyway, I proudly inform you that Evernote has a synchronization option too!

Just enable the sync option form the Evernote settings and enjoy the magic of synchronization facility. Save your every task in a safe place on the trusted online server of Evernote. And, get a tension-free life!

Evernote helps a businessman

Helpful mobile apps for a businessman. Almost every businessman is busy with maintenance his business mittens or another business-related task. They can conquest their events in timely with Evernote application.

Probably businessman has forgotten their events like familial or business related and they suffer a negligence issues by his friends.

evernote features

So from now, as a businessman, you should install Evernote on your smartphone and maintain your every event.

Evernote helps a Student

Also, The Evernote helps a student for maintaining this valuable student lifetime. Student life is the most important lifetime for anybody. A little moment is too much important for education life. So manage every bit of time of education life. List your exam, class routine and other education events with the world’s best to-do-list alert application for mobile named Evernote.

Difference between Premium version and Free Version of Evernote

Premium version is always the best for getting full features or Evernote. But I like the free version most. If you are a businessman, I recommended for the premium version.

But for the student and normal user, Free version is highly recommended. They can satisfied with the free version only. No need to buy the premium version.

In the free version of Evernote, there are a lot of free services and features are available to enjoy. So no need to upgrade to the premium for the regular user.

There are some gorgeous features is in the premium versions. But these features are for advanced level users. As a regular user Free version of Evernote is enough to resolve my daily timing.

If you are a premium user, please share your experience with us. Give us your experience details via contact us. MobileAppsFor Authority will review your docs and publish in this review. Also, you can give your FACEBOOK or another social profile link for contacting next.

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