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MobileAppsFor / March 9, 2018
FB Messenger

Facebook messenger is basically a part of Facebook (The biggest social networking site) and it provides instant messaging service, which includes text and voice messaging. Facebook Messenger allows users to chat through two ways– Mobile and site.

What is basically Facebook messenger? Why is it gaining so much popularity? In short, it is basically a messenger, which helps to do fast communication either through phone or through this software installed in either Windows or Mac. Basically, it speeds up the process of chatting, which is instantly sending, and receiving messages. Facebook Inc. develops it. Facebook Messenger was initially released on Aug 2011. The other releases were on different dates for different phones and the operating system such as Android on March 11, 2013, and ioS on May 6, 2013. In general, it is a part of Facebook only but provides services limited to chat and instant messaging only. Do you now SKYPE is a alternative for FB Messenger?

It is a free application provided by Facebook and does the short and speedy work of sending and receiving chat messages. Previously, while visiting the site it would be very much pain in the smartphone. For this reason, it has been released to speed up the process of chatting. It is very similar to yahoo messenger and does the same work as it does. It becomes sometimes disturbing when we are surfing Facebook and suddenly chat messages are popping up. For this reason, Facebook Messenger has been released to provide a separate platform for chatting and hence causing fewer problems to people regarding message popups. The concept of this Facebook messenger is basically to chat without any hindrances like someone posting any status, which pops up and distracts us. It is specially designed for this purpose only so that you can interact with other users freely without anything being uploaded and distracting you at the moment you are talking to the other person.

This application is free and has different varieties of size for different smartphones. This Facebook messenger can even be installed in Windows and Mac as a separate messenger for chatting. It provides a user-friendly environment to us.

In short, some of the features of Facebook messenger are as under: –

Instant messaging without losing time

No hindrances in messaging and works pretty well Solving out the problems of Facebook messaging on the smartphone or operating system.

Time is costly in today’s world and we cannot afford to lose seconds. Facebook messenger has done our job easier as it allows us to send instant messages to people, which are linked to Facebook.

There has not been recorded any problems with this messenger such as phishing, hacking and other types of spams. It is never interrupted by a pop-up status. It is grabbing the attention of a lot of users in today’s world. Get SnapChat for your device.

Looking at through a smartphone is a tough job or texting through smartphones on this social networking site is a tough job as there are popup windows. For this reason, this messenger has been adopted basically to solve the problems of people and making the texting faster. Happy Texting.

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