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Dropbox online storage Application for Smart mobiles

MobileAppsFor / December 26, 2017

DropBox is another awesome online file sharing/storage media. It is the best way to share large files between the device to device or PC to PC all over the world via the internet. Also best for using the office network or workplace data sharing networks. After pasting a lot of files and folders on the Dropbox sync folder. It will sync you all files and folders frequently. Basically, upload time is dependent on your internet speed.

Best file sending and receiving way for the freelancer who works from a remote place or work from home. The easy way to connect your workplace with your home! Almost every files supported by sharing. But there are few unbearable problems in the free version of DropBox.

Firstly, you will get 2GB free storage after registration on the DropBox server. It is impossible to use more than 2GB in the free version of DropBox.

Secondly, The bandwidth problem. Suppose, you have shared a file on social media or a high visited website. So your friends/peoples have heavily downloaded the shared files massively. After few megabytes download completed, Dropbox will show-

dropbox bandwidth limit


This account’s links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

But why? Do you know about the above that? Every free Dropbox user can share only 10GB bandwidth per day. But the premium (paid) a user can use more than 250GB per day. But it is a good feature that there is no upload or downloads speed limit in the free version.

There is a referral system in the Dropbox. For every referral, you can earn 500MB free storage! If you have 100 referral, then you have total 502GB free storage! It’s awesome! You should try for making more referral via your social media friends. Also if you have a blog and the blog has a lot of visitors, you can inspire them about Dropbox facilities. And, join them as your referral. So increase your Dropbox storage easily for free.

DropBox is the best way for online file sharing and storage, But Why?

The main causes are DropBox interface is very easy to use. Most wonderful features are that it’s sync system. The sync system is very fast and furious for uploading and downloading. Through the upload and download speed is totally dependent on your net connection system. But there are some good features in Dropbox for more speedy download or upload.

How to open an account for DropBox

Go the Dropbox official website and click on the signup link. In the new interface of the Dropbox website, there is a sign-up form is available on the homepage. No need to clicking on the signup link.

dropbox signup methods

Type your name in the first name box. You should use your real name. Then type your last name in the second box. Write your email address properly and then put a hard password with symbols
but easy to remember for you. Give the tic on for the agreeing to the Dropbox Terms and conditions. Finally, click on the Signup button.

A confirmation email will come on your mail-inbox for confirming your email

address is validated. Click on the confirmation link or copy-paste the link on the browsers URL bar and power hit on the Enter button.

Now you will see the thank you message from the Dropbox authority. Now click on the login link and input your email and password to log in.

Alternative/easy way to signup for Dropbox

Hey! there is another alternative and simple one-click signup method available for Dropbox. Look at the screenshot above (last section of the image). The sign-up option is only the Google/Gmail users. So If you are already a Google registered to use, you can signup with one click with your existing Google account.

Firstly click on the Sign up with Google for Dropbox and then “Allow” Dropbox to get your Gmail information. Now you can log in every time or anytime at Dropbox with Google account.

Upload/share everything like zipped or RAR even directly normal folders and subfolders too! Dropbox is a cool app for the sharing through your Mobile Phone to PC or cross platforms. Dropbox Application is available for Android, iPhone and other smartphone like Blackberry and Windows phone even!

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