Download Imo Free Video Calls and Chat

MobileAppsFor / March 9, 2018
download imo free video calls and chat

Imo Free Video Calls and Chat is an application for smartphones which gives an instant messaging platform to the users and is developed by IMO IM Company. Besides text messaging and images, it also allows users to exchange audio and video messages. It works on both Wi-Fi and 3G networks. It was initially launched only for iPhone in order to give competition to Skype. But now it is also available for Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone and many other devices. Its functionality varies for different platforms with Android and iOS being the first to receive all the new features.

Functions and functionalities

It allows free HD quality calls, with no ads and is 100% free. It allows you to send images and videos in just a few easy steps. It allows you to make groups with the maximum of 40 participants. The user interface of the application includes a tab bar at the bottom which gives access to recent calls, messages, the keypad, contact and many other accessing options. IMO Messenger has also proved to be very efficient with varieties of emoticons.

When the installation is completed, it uses the user’s phone number as username and creates an account. It synchronizes with the address book of the phone so that the user would not have to add contacts separately. Since registration of all the users is with their phone numbers, the software shows all the Imo users in the contact list. Its new version had also added some default images and smileys.

What can you do with Imo?

IMO uses VOIP in order to let you talk with other Imo app users free of cost over 3G or Wi-Fi. Thus it tends to work in the same way as Skype. It supports text messaging free of cost and helps you to receive short messages from your friends. Within the chat interface of IMO messenger, there are many features that help you to live up your conversations. You can share your location, send photos and videos, choose a range of fun stickers and add emoticons to insert into the conversation. You can also alter the background of your messaging screen.

How to use IMO Free Video Calls and Chat?

There’s nothing like signing up in Imo Download for Android. It automatically signs you up by using your phone number as ID. The only thing you have to do is to register yourself and you’ll receive an SMS with a code which you have to enter into the IMO then you’ll never need to sign in again. The app automatically imports all your phone contacts and an imo logo is shown beside the contact who has installed imo on their phone. You just have to click the name and you can talk with them for free. This application also features Push Notifications so that you’ll never leave any message unread.

There are many new things in a new version of Imo Free Video Calls And Chat like it allows you to transfer live calls between your iPhone and IMO, new voice engine is available which improves the sound quality and provides a better-looking contact info screen

The Verdict

Besides the fact that you cannot make video calls from Imo for free, it is the amazing app for chatting that you can have on your mobile. It looks fantastic and allows easy conversation with your friends free of cost.

IMO is a revolutionary and new free mobile application that allows users to text and calls each other for free irrespective of where they are? In short, it is used to establish contact with each other. It is one of the few apps that has been able to cope up with the most used communication tool for mobile phones. More than 180 million users are already using this app all across the world and are used over 231 countries and many are talking about this.

Stickers and icons are fairly new in this app which is cut but not important. But by using this app you can call for free. This can be one reason to try out this new app. In the free app category, this application has been ranked number 1 in 48 countries that include Malaysia, India, Japan, Thailand,  Spain, China,  Indonesia, Singapore, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia and more.


Fun stickers

At the sticker shop, you can get the attractive and most popular stickers. You can try using them with your friends. This sticker shop features everything from the original characters of IMO to the famous ones. You will get confused as there are so many stickers that you can choose from. There are free stickers too. So by using imo stickers, you can make your chat more fun.

Improve the experience with IMO Messenger

You can play games together not only individually but with your real imo friends. You could compete for the highest score with them or battle together. It is your choice. A new level of excitement is provided by the IMO software.

Send voice messages and videos

You can record your message and send it to your friends and relatives instantly. In addition to this, you can also send photos, messages and the information about the location as well as videos.

Free voice calls

Now, when you are talking to your loved ones, you need not worry about the long phone bills. You can talk to anyone for a long period of time without even paying for it. You can enjoy high quality, free calls anytime both from your Personal computer and smartphones.

Imo App supports free calls on Android and iPhone. If the voice call feature of IMO is not supported by any other devices, you can use this app on PC to make these calls. However, you may have to update the version of PC or your smartphones to use this app.

Use it from your PC

You can stay in touch with your friends and family, wherever you are and whenever you want. You can use Imo on your smartphone when you are moving and on your desktop, while you are working in the office or are at home. However, you have to complete email registration for using on PC.

Much More

There are many other features that are provided. Group chat, customize wallpaper, Imo camera, Imo brush and Imo card are some additional features that enhance your experience with Imo App.

Imo Calls and Messenger is a mobile messaging app that allows you to exchange messages without even paying for it. It is a smartphone messenger which is available for Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Nokia. And yes, it is true that these phones can send the message to each other. IMO uses your Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/5G (when available) to have a chat with your family and friends. In addition to this, there is no cost to stay in touch with or message your friends because Imo Messenger uses the same internet data plan that is used by you for web browsing and email.

Why to use Imo?

Multimedia: you can send images, videos and voice notes to your friends and contacts.

No hidden cost: once your friends and you download this application, you can chat with it as much you want. You can send about a million messages to your friends in a day for free! This application uses your internet connection whether Wi-Fi or 3G when available.

Group Chat: you can form a group of your friends and family members separately and can enjoy group conversations and have fun with your contacts.

Say no to pins and usernames: you do not have to bother to create or remember another username or Pin. This application works with your cell phone number in the same way as SMS and integrates easily and flawlessly with your contacts book.

No international charges: When you send an email internationally, is there any additional charge? No. In the same way, there is no cost charged if you are sending messages on Imo internationally. If you and the person you want to talk to, have WhatsApp installed, you can avoid pesky international SMS costs.

Need to log in or out: You need not worry about getting logged in or out of other device or computer. As long as you get push notifications, you are always connected and your IMO is on.

Offline Messages: if you turn off your phone or miss any push notifications, this application will save your messages and you will be able to receive or retrieve all your offline messages when you use the application, the next time.

No need to add buddies: Imo application uses your phone address book to connect you automatically to your contacts.

Much more: You can exchange contacts, custom notification sounds, share location, custom wallpaper, email chat history and MMS to your contacts and much more.

Download Imo Free Video Calls And Chat on Phone

As mentioned earlier, this application is a smartphone messenger that works on Android platform, Blackberry platform, Nokia platform, iPhone platform and also on Windows phone. You can shop this messenger in Google Play which provides various applications for smartphones. Once you download Imo from there, you need to install this on your phone and then you are good to go.


After this app has stepped its foot in the market, the normal SMS has declined. The main reason is that it is free of cost at least for one year. And after that it will charge $0 per year!

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