Why you Should use Mozilla Firefox?

MobileAppsFor / March 11, 2018
benefits of firefox

Introduction: Mozilla Firefox is one of the most highly rated web browsers. Most of the people prefer the Firefox Web browser, because of its fast operation and simplified approach. It’s one of the free open source browsers. The browser was initially released on twenty third of September 2002.The languages used to develop Mozilla Firefox web browsers are C, C++, XBL, CSS, Java, and XUL. The browser supports operating system like Android, Windows, Linux and OS X.

The Advantage Of Using Mozilla Firefox Browser

Special tools in the browser

Some special features like Add-ons, extensions, plug-in and service features are very easy to operate in Mozilla Firefox browser. By using the Add-on option in the browser helps the Internet Browser will get extra functionality. When the user clicks the Add-on icon interactive video will be available through which user can learn, how to use the Add-on features effectively. The Add-on will also show the latest software for the browser available on the internet, by using the software user can use the browser effectively. Extensions are the place where software downloaded by Add-on is present. The user can enable or disable the Add-on software using the extension option in the browser. There will be an icon called appearance in which user can view the version and also update it. Plugins are the icon where the user can view all the Plugins present in the browser. Do you know UC is now a popular browser for mobile users?

About bookmark and history option in the browser

By using the bookmark icon the user can save the desired website in the Internet Browser. If the user wants to hide the bookmark, the user can save the bookmark inside unsorted bookmark, the user can also save his favorite website in a single folder inside the unsorted bookmark. This can help the user to select particular website. By mistake, the user closes all the tabs the user can use the option like to restore the previous session to get the entire website. The user can also use the history in the browser to view the previously viewed website. If the user wants to clear the history of the browser, the user must click clear all history options in the browser. By clicking show all history the user can view the overall history of the browser having details of each month, week and days of the browser. Use the browser user can bookmark multiple tabs in a single folder. Options like import and backup, the user can backup files in the browser.

Special features in the browser

By using WebGL the user can bring 3D graphics to Mozilla Firefox Web browser. By using options like private browsing user can secure his browsing history. This feature is highly useful for the person using online banking on the internet. Most of the website on the internet will track the activity of the user and trade information to an advertiser. The browser will help users from malware like worms, viruses and Trojan horse. If the user accidentally uses the harmful site, the browser will warn the user to leave the website. The browser is also capable of detecting outdated plug in the browser.

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