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Access books anywhere anytime – Google Play Books

Google playbooks basically are a part of Google Company, which owns Google Chrome, and it acts as an add-on of it. One can read book for free here and from any place at any time.

Google playbooks are basically a part of Chrome’s Add On. They are basically nothing but have millions of collections of books to read for free from anywhere and form any device. Device includes phones, Tablet, iPhone, iPad, etc.

It is not just an extension part of Google Chrome. It is also an android application, which the readers can access and help them in reading books from this application. It is basically a part of Google Play, which is in turn the other name for the android market and also serves as a Google mobile app. There are over 4 million books to read from including the famous books by Robin Sharma, Fifty Shades of Grey, Da Vinci Code and many more. The Google Mobile App helps us with Google Play Books in our android device and we can even read books in our android smartphone

I am going to discuss the various features now of this famous playbooks and what it can do. Some of them are discussed below: –

  • A very good reading experience
  • Discovery of titles
  • Syncing process with the library
  • Cheaper Rates
  • Google playbook helps in providing us a very good and awesome reading experience because firstly, it can be accessed either in a phone, tablet or some more devices. You can change the text and font size of the book as you want to view, highlight the points which is deemed as necessary to you, mark the areas where you want to focus on and even bookmark. It is a type of virtual book reading but no less than general book reading.
  • It provides unlimited storage of over millions of books in the digital cloud. One does not have to go to the markets now to look for the books and can immediately download the Google play books which are much cheaper than the usual books and are provided at nominal rates.
  • Want to store important books? That’s also possible now. Google Playbooks have provided a platform to sync the books with the library by connecting your device and following the steps as deemed necessary. One can have a look up to the various books and mark them as favorite and sync them in the library as my books. One can even start reading from the position they stopped by having a facility provided by Google playbooks called as automatic syncing of page position.
  • Google playbook provides with books online at much cheaper rates. The books are in the electronic format somewhat like pdf which makes them sustainable for long because pages get torn but the files stored wont get deleted until and unless of formatting of device.

Google playbooks not only serve the android phones but also iPhones and iPads not leaving any disappointment to the apple users too.