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Play Candy Crush Saga Game And Get More Candies in Few Months

The candy crush saga is a newer video puzzle game.  This candy crush puzzle game is released on Facebook on April 2012 and also released in smart phones on November 2013. The game was developed by King. The candy shop has something to create special like Wrapped candy, striped candy as well as rainbow candy in a candy crush. This creates the special spectacular effects like mega candy and super stripe. This candy crush shops provides a free games also.

Tips and cheats:

This candy crush is a match-3 game. You have to stop at three. The four or five earn more points. Matching the four candies in a row that will earn s extraordinary and special wrapped candy. This wrapped candy will clear the whole row. The Match-5 candies are to earn big chocolate ball. If the chocolate ball matched with any color then it will remove all candy of that same color on the board. Try to match with the most common color. Merge particular wrapped candies along with banded candies to obtain giant candy. Then the giant candy will destroy the maximum candies in the board. At the time of jelly themed levels, the jelly candies cannot remove.

This candy crush saga game will begins as a simple match board game. It is gradually increased by adding different obstacles as well as difficulties, makes you more challenging game to play. At the start levels the boards are fairly in straight forward as well as the object is used to score minimum points. This game consist of matching-3 else several candies of the same color through switching them around. The best switch has to move blue candy in center to right to build a line of four.

By this process it will give special stripy candy that is explained in a candy combinations post. A mainstay of obstacles will appear fairly in the game as well as continues via the jelly. Below that you will view middle block of squares which is in lighter color that is jelly. At all levels the jelly has to be removed. So you have to match candies in jelly to remove from the board. If all the jelly in the board is cleared then the game is over. At the same time you have to gather enough points to get that helps to get at least one star in the game.

At the side of the game screen the meter will show your points that you are accumulating.  For more details on other obstacles you get encountered. So you have to browse the menu that appears on the right side of the page. And the free video demo is also available on the left side of this game page. This candy crush game is not secret compulsion. It will consume many days and nights. You will get more candy by this candy crush in a few months.

Ten tips to beat candy:

First determine the patterns. Then start at the bottom level and go to the combos. Try to know your band of color. After that try to assess the threats. And then try to clear the jellies at the edge. In this game the five candies are yours and cheat time for additional lives. There are lots of free games available in online but the candy crush game is best.