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About Pou

Pou is an effective pet game designed for Android and iOS. It was created by Zakeh. It was released on November 26, 2012. In the game, you need to look after Pou by feeding, making him to sleep and washing him and play with him. In the game, you can enhance your level and unlock things such that you will be able to personalize your pet Pou. Pou games are really interesting and fun making to everyone.  It is considered to be one of the best Android apps and is liked by many people are really fun and interesting to play with.

Pou games on Android

You need to take care of your alien pet and feed, wash, play and keep it clean. You can see it growing when you increase your levels and you will also be able to unlock many items, different wallpapers and outfits to fill the expectation of your own taste. The main features of the Pou Games are playing games in the room and gather coins, personalize your pet Pou’s appearance, change and customize all the rooms’ wallpapers. You can also communicate with Pou and listen what he says, experiment the potions in the Lab, see and play with your friends, unlock a lot of special items and achievements and do a lot more.

You can Pou Download Game in the Android play store for free.  The size of the pou game is 14Mb and its version is 1.3.17. To play this game you must need android version 1.6 and above. The Pou games have recently got updated with cloud colors, goal colors, eyeshadow, new catchy wallpapers, cliff jump, beret hat, outside scenes, cloud pass, heaven sky jump and lot more. If you have any doubt about the game, you can get clarified with it in the Google Play Store. There are also a lot of similar games like the pet Pou which can be downloaded easily in Android.

Pou game rooms guide

It is very easy to Pou Download Game instantly. The room for pou has a lab, kitchen, game room, hall and bedroom. In short it is like a small home. The kitchen is used to feed your pet Pou when he feels hungry and also check and add items to his fridge. Next the lab can be used when your pet is dirty. You can also use potions to clean your Pou and put a lot of effects and also help out when he is sick. In the hall you can talk with your Pou and you can also click on “outside” door to move outside. The place to make your pet sleep when he is tired is the bedroom. You need to tap on the lamp to make your Pou fell asleep. Tap on the closet icon to get limitless customization for your alien pet. The next important place is the game room. In this place a lot of magic exists. Play to collect coins or take the ball to play and make your Pou feel happy.

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