Mint – Handling Your Finances in much better way


Mint is an Android app that is free and is available on Google Play for different devices. It is easy to manage your finances well using this app. It helps in organizing and categorizing spending for a user. It is easy to find out where your hard earned money is going and decisions regarding any financial investment could be taken wisely and easily by using this app. This app pulls in all the personal finance account of the users in one place and it becomes easy to manage finances from anywhere. Users can track their expenses, create a budget and thereby save more using this app.

The features

Using this app, all personal finance accounts i.e. credit cards, savings etc. could be monitored. In the tablet version of this app, users can have charts and graphs which will help them to know at a glance about their expenditure. It is easy to track the budget as well as trace the cash spending. Users can view their finances offline as well. In the tablet version, the app stores information from the latest download. Users get email or text alerts to get notified on low balances, fees, the bills to be paid, any unusual activity, large purchases and many more.

It is easy, safe and secure

It is very easy to get Mint app as it is free and users can sign up free of cost to manage their finances well. The app securely connects the personal accounts and organizes all the finances. The app is pass code protected. Even if the device is lost or temporarily misplaced, the users could log on to the account and deactivate device access using the profile page and it is done with a single click. Sign up process is very fast so users feel very comfortable with the app. No moving of funds is allowed. It is a “read-only” service. Financial security is there 24×7 round the clock.

Know About Investment Status

The app helps the users to know about Latest Stock Updates. It is important to know what is happening in the market in order to make right financial decision. Users can compare their portfolios as per the benchmarks set in the market and would be able to have asset allocation done for different investment accounts e.g. mutual funds, brokerage accounts etc. By providing the Latest Stock Updates, the app helps the users in selecting the best weapon to decide on their investment. This app helps in exposing any hidden fees or statements so that users can have better investment plans. They can avoid unnecessary investments and save their money.

Getting Personalized Advices

Users get unbiased recommendations from this app on various ways of saving. How to save on home loans, insurance premium, credit cards and others are provided by Mint. Users can enjoy personalized advices based on their spending habit. The users would get to know about the best financial products and services and could save more of their hard earned money. Users may or may not follow the recommendations given this app but the aim is to help the users in taking smart decisions regarding their money allocation and investments made.

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