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WhatsApp Messenger is a mobile messaging app that allows you to exchange messages without even paying for it. It is a smart phone messenger which is available for Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia. And yes, it is true that these phones can send message to each other. WhatsApp uses your Wi-Fi or 3G (when available) to have a chat with your family and friends. In addition to this, there is no cost to stay in touch with or message your friends because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that is used by you for web browsing and email.

Why to use WhatsApp??

Multimedia: you can send images, videos and voice notes to your friends and contacts.

No hidden cost: once your friends and you download this application, you can chat with it as much you want. You can send about a million messages to your friends in a day for free! This application uses your internet connection whether Wi-Fi or 3G when available.

Group Chat: you can form a group of your friends and family members separately and can enjoy group conversations and have fun with your contacts.

Say no to pins and usernames: you do not have to bother to create or remember another user name or Pin. This application works with your cell phone number in the same way as SMS and integrates easily and flawlessly with your contacts book.

No international charges: When you send an email internationally, is there any additional charge? No. In the same way, there is no cost charged if you are sending messages on WhatsApp internationally. If you and the person you want to talk to, have WhatApp installed, you can avoid pesky international SMS costs.

Need to log in or out: You need not worry about getting logged in or out of other device or computer. As long as you get push notifications, you are always connected and your WhatsApp is on.

Offline Messages: if you turn off your phone or miss any push notifications, this application will save your messages and you will be able to receive or retrieve all your offline messages when you use the application, the next time.

No need to add buddies: WhatsApp uses your phone address book to connect you automatically with your contacts.

Much more: You can exchange contacts, custom notification sounds, share location, custom wallpaper, email chat history and MMS to your contacts and much more.

Download WhatsApp on Phone

As mentioned earlier, this application is a smart phone messenger that works in Android platform, Blackberry platform, Nokia platform, iPhone platform and also on Windows phone. You can shop this messenger in Google Play which provides various applications for smart phones. Once you download this application from there, you need to install this in your phone and then you are good to go.


After this app has step its foot in the market, the normal SMS has declined. The main reason is that it is free of cost at least for one year. And after that it will charge $0.99 per year.

130 thoughts on “Download WhatsApp Messenger on Phone

  1. Attuahene

    I hope am now going to enjoy uding my phone fully thank you whatsapp and the whole team

    Big Big

  2. sonali sharma

    i am using whats application around three months,i loved to use it but now its application is expired,i’ii try my best for redownload it but unfortunately not be succesfull,can u help me my set nokia c3 set may has some problem,so can u help me by sending a link to my device from which i can easily install it.


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