WolframAlpha – Stay Away From Mathematics’ Fear

An exclusive online service than answers different types of factual queries was brought forward by the research team. Here you can use the computer and internet system to answer all types of mathematical queries. The queries are resolved through the curated data. You don’t have to find the answer of your questions from the list of web pages and data brought forward by the search engine.

The release date of WolframAlpha was 15th of May 2009. It is based on mathematical computation with an access of numerical computation, statistical capabilities, computer algebra, visualization etc. This system also gathers the additional data from world fact book of CIA, library publication of Cornell University and United States Geographical survey.

How does the computation work?

User must have a look at the computation technique to get an appropriate result.  With the help of a text field, user generally submits queries and requires. Wolfram provides them with the answers from its knowledge base. They will help you with the compact form of information according to your necessity. This has a wide variation as compared to the semantic search engine. If you place a keyword in the search, you can get the answer, but further research is important to choose among the answers. You will find large number of answers through the semantic search engine. It becomes really very tough to find an appropriate answer from the list provided. The latest news and updates can also be checked with the technique. The mathematical toolkit helps in getting human readable answer.

A robust query result

Since, individuals are dealing with facts related to calculation and mathematics; answers must be to the point without beating around the bush. WolframAlpha has the capacity to provide a complete and appropriate query result. Had it been that you are dealing with social and cultural studies, you may require detail information. But, over here you must get a complete answer in short. If you go back to your school days, Mathematics has been a dreaded subject. Everyone wished to get rid of this subject. Children generally could be viewed with stress and tension on their face on the day of Mathematics exam. Calculators were allowed in some classes but, students from lower classes are not allowed to use calculators. Even after using the calculator’s people failed several times.

Role of Alpha tool

With advanced technology, Alpha tools have brought an ease in mathematical calculation. It is not simply a math’s tool; rather it is a wonderful search engine that makes the information computable. It is quite common for the search engine to give an answer. But, this computation tool will not only give you an answer, rather it will provide you with latest news and updates which can be used to solve the problem easily. This is an excellent tool for the young students having fear of mathematics. The fear of mathematics will be over very soon after using this tool. Even the adults can get good facility with this tool.


Dropbox – Planned Online Storage for Business Needs

An exclusive of free online storage is forecasted with an access of sharing files. Individuals can easily share files with office colleagues, friends and relatives easily. A proper synchronization of files in computer or a laptop can be easily done through this storage system. This can help individuals to store unlimited files without flooding their system space.

People are quite savvy with internet and online activities in present days. But storage is also an important fact which needs to be considered by individuals dealing with files and folders. But, dropbox can now help to get free storage space of 2GB without using the hard disk space of your computer. The software can be downloaded in any and every computer where you wish to share information. A folder will be added in your computer or the laptop as soon as you save in your folder.  Even the update of the folder is done automatically every time a new content is added. All these information will be added to all the computers where the software is downloaded. People can easily share and see the facts and figures associated in the storage box online.

How it works?

You need to right click on the folder that you wish to share actually with your colleagues and friends. The software will ask you to provide the email address with the person with who you would like to share the particular content. The other persons will be sent an invitation from the dropbox software asking whether they would like to share their files with you. As soon as they accept the invitation, update will be done automatically to the other person’s computer. This tool can be easily used for outsourcing with other organization. It can provide a wonderful collaboration with other whenever there is a business need.

Ease of use

Internet can provide you with wider range of online storage scopes. But, dropbox productivity tool is far better than others.  It is very user friendly than the other software’s available online. Some people use it to store business and official data where as others use it as a personal utility.  You can easily share movies, pictures, videos with others through this facility. Today, internet is quite easy to avail at every home. In order to grow and maintain business, this tool is essential. This is a low cost option for the small and medium businessmen. The storage space will be relatively small if you are using the free variation of the drop box productivity tool.

Businessmen can easily get a wonderful space by paying minimum sum. This can be used in desktop, laptop, tablet computer as well as variety of smart phones.  Whether you or your business associate operates the account can be accessible by both. Without maintaining data in word or excel files, it is now possible to share everything as soon as internet is on. You can tally the content online with your associate even if you are place at different countries.


Words With Friends – Enjoy Word Making Game


One of the leading social mobile games that have become popular over the last few years is an entertaining and challenging word making game-Words With Friends. Players find this game very engaging as they can play up to 20 games at a time and they are able to chat with their friends at the same time. Since 2010, this game has been on the top of the leading games category.  The game was released by Newtoy in the year 2009 by Paul and David Bettner, in Texas. Newtoy was a small studio run by these brothers in McKinney, Texas. In 2010, Newtoy was acquired by Zynga and got the new brand name as Zynga With Friends. Anyone playing this game is guaranteed to have full entertainment and enjoy interacting with so many players at a time.

The Game play

The Players take turns to from words in horizontal and vertical manners. The words are formed on the board and each player tries to score the maximum point for each word. The first word has to be placed in such manner that one of the tiles has to be there on the star present in the center of the board.  Tiles can be placed either in the horizontal or vertical direction in each turn. Tile placement has to be done in such manner that multiple new words could be formed in simultaneous manner using the letters present in the neighboring positions.

How scoring is done

The players get double the value of any tile that gets players in a DL space during the turn. The tile that gets players on a TL space during the turn earns a triple value. The tiles that got players on DL and TL spaces on previous rounds do not get double value. All the values of all the letter making the words gets added up (the letter got played in the previous turn also). Multiple words can be created with the same play. The players would get the score of each new word separately including the bonuses also. All new words get summed up together for the final scores. Whenever a player is able to use all the 7 tiles during a single turn , 35 bonus points are awarded to the player.

Other Features

The game will end when one player plays every tile in the rack and no more tiles could be drawn. The game could end when three successive turn has no scores and the score is not zero-zero for the players. After the last tile is played, the opposing player loses points that are equal to the sum of the value of the remaining tiles. The same amount of point gets awarded to the player who had placed the last tile in the game. In the dictionary of words With Friends, there are more than 173,000 acceptable words.


The game has made its unique position in the world of Entertainment. There are more than 14.9 million users of this game in a month and more than 6.7 million users playing the game daily on their smartphone and on Facebook. The game gets its earning through ads, ad-free paid version as well as various in-game purchase options.


Beyond Pod – Enjoy Music with Photos and Videos

Podcast apps are having a great importance in the market.  People can easily receive a notable update about such apps in various play stores. Usability of beyond pod is well recognized by people around the nation.  With the better use of gradient, playlists has also received bit of polishes. The un played shows are also eventually highlighted. This app can be played really well on Android 4.0 when the facelift was viewed.  The app is also quite wonderful to provide playback controls in a superior way. Since the improvement of the apps is clearly viewed, you can also easily download the bug fixes. You can now get too many options at beyond pod. The users really feel overwhelmed about the fact. Since it is always updated, users can be provided with appropriate whenever needed.

Beyond pod for tablet

If you are using the tablet computer, there is a separate version of beyond pod that can run with the same. You can also get information about the app from the Google play site. If you want to download the podcast, the sophisticated download engine can help you in getting great satisfaction. There is an appropriate time till when you can keep the old version. It is also quite easy to download more content in the background. Here you can easily get more time to enjoy with your friends and no time to waste at all.

Playing digital music player

Gone are those days when individual has to depend upon radio, television and tape recorder to listen music. They can now have their own music player in a digital form. The world of technological advancements has players in different shapes and variety. Entertainment world has become more portable than those in the previous days. The lifestyle of people has signified the nature of product available in the market. The utility of the music player in the life of each individual would specify its demand. There are many people who wish to listen to music while travelling, sleeping and moving. The players are also available with the flash memory technology. There is not limitation in the player, you can easily install more and more songs and listen to it as much as you can.

The storage capacity or the memory of each music player is an important part to consider while you buy the player. You should convey the actual requirement of your to the seller while buying the device. The price of the player may increase or decrease according to the storage capacity. If you listen to song for one or two hour in a day, low memory storage device can do. But, if you are willing to listen to music for an indefinite period of time, capacity of the device must be more. Today the digital music player can be used for not only listening to music, rather viewing videos and photograph is also possible over here. Online shopping of digital players is now possible to be purchased from various Ecommerce websites.

Thumbplay – An Exclusive Variation for Entertainment

An exclusive service to download games, music and videos is now disclosed through a US based company. People can get enjoyment from the download library of the organization that helps allow to download audio, video as well as games with license.

People are quite obsessed with the music. They are always in need of downloading games, videos and music to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment. It is now possible to download variety of music with the help of Thumbplay. The facility provided by U.S based subscription service helps each individual to store, manage, and share the online content on various devices such as mobile phones, tablet, laptop etc. You can now look at the reviews and specification of the organization from the experts online. Customers who had already used the service can explain easily about its intuitive design and specification.

Mixing audio and music

Expert’s music artists are constantly combining various aspects of music and audio to get innovative mechanism. If you have got the basic audio signal in a particular reasonable level, you can also get the help from the equalizer on various tracks. Audio and music goes hand in hand with innovative attempt of latest technology. You can also follow the tutorial of audio mixing to get some idea about the technique.

Services provided by music firm

You can now visit the official website of Thumbplay and have a look at its subscription. You can easily get the facility of redemption once you have reach to the level of 10 credits. You can also come across the department dealing with the advertisement support to get assistance in uploading videos, mobile photos. These photos as well as videos can also be easily shared among your friend’s group. People can get enjoyment from the download library of the organization that helps allow to download audio, video as well as games with license.


Perfect combination of Audio and music is really important to get a wonderful rhythm and music. This is a way to filter each variation of instrument which is required and bring out a sweet rhythm. The instruments related to the same include overheads, snare drum, kick drum and hats. For this purpose, freeware equalizer can be used effectively. If the sound of tour instrument is really thin, you must know that, some dirt and mud is trapped in the outlet. You can pull down the single frequency in order to get a balance in the equalizer. There are also techniques through which you can easily save CPU power. But, you must also know some facts about the audio compressor to avail the benefit of equalizer. For any type of audio material, you can easily get the benefit of free online mixing tutorial.

The billing program of the US based service provider is compatible with any types of mobile carrier. You can get an option between two separate payment options.  It is possible to pay for membership on a monthly basis and easily get five download according to your likes. It is also possible for an individual to pay for the single tracks each time. But, it is good to pay for the monthly subscription and avail bulk downloads in low cost. You can also buy credits and use the same top download ringtones.

WorldMate – Maps And Location Service


WorldMate app helps in itinerary management and providing mobile travel services. The services are offered worldwide. This app can be downloaded on any Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows device. The app can build your business travel itinerary and put it on the phone. The travel plan would get synchronized automatically in the device. The itinerary includes flight, hotel, car booking, rentals as well as meetings scheduled. With the help of online travel planner and calendar, the synchronization is done.  With the help of this app, all your meetings, business travel plans could be shared with the colleagues and concerned people.

Maps And Directions

Using this app, users can view the entire trip on a map. Using the Maps And Location Service, it becomes easy for the users to automatically geo-locate any particular address in the business travel itinerary. E.g. you want to know the locations of the hotels, airports, meeting place or any other destination, using this app it can be achieved very fast. It becomes easy to plan how one should travel from one point to the other thereby saving time. It is easy to search for local transport, the nearby staying places. In case of any wrong address is entered in the travel itinerary, the app will let the user know about it even before the journey starts.  It is so easy to use. The users just have to click particular items of the itinerary in order to start the Maps And Location Service on the device.

Flight related Information

It is easy to know any information about your flights using the app. Users can check their flight status in more than 350 airlines and get current information about delays in flight, cancellation of flights, and diversion of flights if any. The app would also tell the time of the flight and where to get it. In case your flight is delayed, you can reach the airport late thus avoiding any kind of hassle during your trip. It is easy to save your time by not waiting for delayed flights. Just using a single click, the users would be able to know about alternative options in case a flight is cancelled or delayed and grab a seat before anyone else does so.

Hotel Search

Now it is easy to search for hotels using WorldMate Smart Search feature. With this travel expert with you, no need to worry when you are going for a meeting, a business trip or a vacation.  Save your time and money as you will have more than 100,000 hotels available in this app and you can find out the best deal for you. You can look for a staying place that is nearby to the airport or a particular place and finding the specific hotel is not a problem at all. Booking for the hotels can be done immediately.

Weather Forecasts

Get to know about the weather forecast even before you set on board for your business trip. TravelMate would provide five-day weather forecast for the places across the world. The forecasts of the current location as well as travel destination are there. The users can get the forecast by clicking itinerary items or from the travel dashboard.

Get The Latest Stock Market News – Bloomberg Mobile


Bloomberg Mobile is a free app for Blackberry developed by Bloomberg LP. The app provides latest news and information from Bloomberg. The app helps the users in getting latest stock market news, stock list & price charts, stock quotes and other information. Apart from providing stock related information, company description, market leaders/losers, market trends and analysis of the same are also provided.

It is easy to get the business or finance news, latest Stock Market News, market data, stock tracking tools and many more using this application. Along with comprehensive news coverage, easy-to-understand charts and graphs are there for the users to understand what the latest trends of businesses are and how are they going to affect a particular business. The app is available on iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, and Windows. The app has read-only newsfeed as well as statistics of various stock exchanges across the globe. The app is available free of cost to the users.

Important Features

Using this extremely useful app, users get opportunity to choose from a numbers of options for news categories. They are- currencies, emerging markets, funds, insurance, politics, sports, stocks, health care, technology, energy, bonds, spending, commodities etc. Users get personalized views of the news as per region, popularity or industry. Details of particular stocks can be viewed by the users. The details available are open value, close value, high value or low value. The information of last five years is available for a particular stock. Users find it easy to access market data, bonds etc.

The latest updates

The updates add support for Sony Xperia Z and HTC DNA/Butterfly. Now the app has bugs or crash fixes. In the last update 1.2.0, news article improvements are incorporated. These improvements are contrast mode with black on white, font size selector, social sharing possible on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, swiping to the next news article, top videos from Bloomberg TV. Live TV available, search assist feature for Stock Finder and others.

Why Bloomberg Mobile

Now business is no more restricted within the four walls of office. Businesses can be done anywhere, anytime as long as you are informed. The app keeps the users informed about current happening in the market. Now professionals want the content immediately on their mobiles even when they are on the move. All the information is provided in a format that is easy to read. To know the company’s performance, users have to enter the company name in the stock finder. Users get a history of the past queries made by them. Users could enter tocks and share holding into an option My Stock Folder so that a personalized portfolio is created and users could watch the daily fluctuation of stock market apart from getting other Stock Market News.

What’s so great?

Making money is important for everyone. If you could get help in making best use of your money there is nothing like it. More than 280,000 professionals from all over the world trust Bloomberg Mobile to have timely and accurate information about global financial market. You have option like News, Market Data, Watch Lists, Stock pricing and many more just to help out people in taking better financial management and it’s all free!


Mint – Handling Your Finances in much better way


Mint is an Android app that is free and is available on Google Play for different devices. It is easy to manage your finances well using this app. It helps in organizing and categorizing spending for a user. It is easy to find out where your hard earned money is going and decisions regarding any financial investment could be taken wisely and easily by using this app. This app pulls in all the personal finance account of the users in one place and it becomes easy to manage finances from anywhere. Users can track their expenses, create a budget and thereby save more using this app.

The features

Using this app, all personal finance accounts i.e. credit cards, savings etc. could be monitored. In the tablet version of this app, users can have charts and graphs which will help them to know at a glance about their expenditure. It is easy to track the budget as well as trace the cash spending. Users can view their finances offline as well. In the tablet version, the app stores information from the latest download. Users get email or text alerts to get notified on low balances, fees, the bills to be paid, any unusual activity, large purchases and many more.

It is easy, safe and secure

It is very easy to get Mint app as it is free and users can sign up free of cost to manage their finances well. The app securely connects the personal accounts and organizes all the finances. The app is pass code protected. Even if the device is lost or temporarily misplaced, the users could log on to the account and deactivate device access using the profile page and it is done with a single click. Sign up process is very fast so users feel very comfortable with the app. No moving of funds is allowed. It is a “read-only” service. Financial security is there 24×7 round the clock.

Know About Investment Status

The app helps the users to know about Latest Stock Updates. It is important to know what is happening in the market in order to make right financial decision. Users can compare their portfolios as per the benchmarks set in the market and would be able to have asset allocation done for different investment accounts e.g. mutual funds, brokerage accounts etc. By providing the Latest Stock Updates, the app helps the users in selecting the best weapon to decide on their investment. This app helps in exposing any hidden fees or statements so that users can have better investment plans. They can avoid unnecessary investments and save their money.

Getting Personalized Advices

Users get unbiased recommendations from this app on various ways of saving. How to save on home loans, insurance premium, credit cards and others are provided by Mint. Users can enjoy personalized advices based on their spending habit. The users would get to know about the best financial products and services and could save more of their hard earned money. Users may or may not follow the recommendations given this app but the aim is to help the users in taking smart decisions regarding their money allocation and investments made.


Skyfire – Benefit Of Superior Connectivity

People are using variety of smart phones according to their suitability. Since they do not get all the features that they have been searching for an appropriate smart phone in other smart phones, they have chosen the variety which is suitable. Many individual has complaint against iPhone, as they lack flash support. The streaming animation of the webs pages is associated with flash. Today, you will easily come across many websites in World Wide Web that uses flash. If you are using a mobile phone with internet connection, mobile browser will be a necessity. Not all browsers would be compatible with all smart phones in the market. Even if you have installed an unrecognized a cheap mobile browser, you may not be able to open all web pages.

Popular mobile browser makers

You may find variety of mobile browser companies in the market. For years, Skyfire was making variety of mobile browsers. Whether, you are using the Android sets or Iphone, you can easily online. Before choosing a browser for your mobile you must take a list of browsers that are compatible with your handset. If you are using a window mobile, the browser to be installed will be different. It is important to take advice from the experts before choosing an appropriate browser. An individual having an android mobile must visit the android market to shop the browsers and apps. Two years ago, the mobile browser maker, Skyfire has launched the beta tester. This was a real hit for the individuals using the windows mobile.

Improvement of browsing experience

With the technological advancement, Skyfire also has provided created improvement in its browsers. Today, people can use the mobile browser quite easily as compared to the previous days. Whether you are Iphone users or Android mobile users, browsers are really important to get a wonderful experience while surfing internet. Are you a business professional ho needs to deal with emails frequently? Are you facing difficulty with your present browser? This is the time to change your previous browser and adopt the new variety of browser that will help you in finding things easily. Are you willing to get some information about the product and services through search engine? An appropriate mobile browser will definitely help you in getting success in your search.

Flash is also an important part to get a smooth browsing experience. It has become successful in convincing the stubborn websites to include flash. The flash friendly apps would be quite easier to use in this regard. Whether you are willing to get the pleasure of video playback or any other sound and picture related applications, the particular browsers brought forward by the leading browser company is really useful. Many people might be tired of working with their PC by sitting at a particular place. But, with the help of extra ordinary variations of mobile browsers it has become quite easy to move around with your friends and get an appropriate browsing experience with latest technology browser.

Bringing back old memories with Doodle Jump


If you are a mobile game freak and would like to Play an Old-school game then Doodle Jump is what is apt for you. The game is one of the oldest mobile games and was introduced by Apple App Store in the year 2009. It was developed by Lima Sky. The concept of this app was to bring back memories of those days when we had pen and paper as the only way of entertainment. Bringing back memories of pen and paper is not to ask the gamers to draw something rather the game is an interesting one and has been acclaimed by the gamers from the first day of its inception.

What is in the game?

It is a cute and interesting game. Since day one, the game has been very addictive. The gamer has to control a strange character called-The Doodler. The aim of the player is to get the character jumping up and up from one platform to another platform safely avoiding enemies. The game is an action packed game and gaming freaks enjoy the non-stop actins they find in this game. The players can take different types of moves- jumps, bounce, dodge, shoot, leap and snooze. The game starts when user hops to the first platform then the game continue with continuous leaping and bouncing from that particular point. Users use jetpacks, hats, springboards and propellers to have high jumps.

How To Play the Game

The game is simple yet interesting. Gamers would like to Play an Old School Game like this on their modern devices. Players have to tap the game icon on the home screen. This will bring the game window that will have different menu options in it. Users can use options button in case they want to adjust the settings. The options that could be enabled or disabled are game sounds and automatic score submission for the leader board. To start playing play button has to be tapped.

What’s more?

When the game get started there will be a yellow color strangely designed creature called Doodle who likes to jump the whole day. The gamers have to guide the creature throughout the game. The game has no levels or stages to be completed. The game will continue until Doodle falls, explodes or get defeated by monsters. Gamers have to tilt the gadget so that appropriate keys could be used to guide Doodle to jump from one platform to the other. Users have to try avoiding any kind of obstacle that comes on the way and they can use power ups to jump higher and get better scores.

Why so popular?

Doodle Jump has fantastic graphics. It looks like a real doodle. The game is simple yet is full of fun. Players can have some fantastic themes during their game play. These are jungle, soccer, underwater, snow, Halloween, Easter, ice and the latest one is the Ninja. Users have different platforms to jump on- broken, disappearing, shifting, moving and exploding. There are different obstacles like black holes; monsters, black holes and gamers have to help the doodle to avoid them.  Power up like propeller hats, rockets, trampoline, jet packs etc are there to score high.